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Visual Kei in the USA. Picture posting, scans, tutorials, and advice.
A Visual Kei fashion community for fans in the USA. Picture Posting, Tutorials, Scans, Advice, and maybe meet ups in the future. After there's more members I plan on having contests where there WILL be a prize for the winner...probably a magazine or CD or such. So join!!

Just like all other community's there are rules and yes, you are expected to follow them. No exceptions...it's not that we want to be strict or anything, but these will help the community to continue running smoothly and keep it a 'fun and friendly' place for everyone.

The Do's
~Post. Participate!!! At least stay semi active...one post every month or so? That's not too much to ask, now is it?
~Stay on topic. I know that people tend to get distracted and ramble, I do it too, but please put forth an effort to keep it on track.
~INTRODUCE YOURSELF! Before you make any actual posts, post an introduction [using the format found a little bit below] to let everyone else know who you are.
~Give Constructive criticism...no flaming is allowed. Remember your manners and be respectful.
~USE LJ cuts!!!! One picture under 400px is fine, but everything else should be under a cut.
~Ask permission before listing auctions or other such things.

~Post random outfits and try to pass it for Visual.
~Post outfits that are not VK. "Sorry, I don't' have any visual outfits right now." does not cut it! If you don't have a visual outfit, don't post a picture. Post something else related to Visual Kei.
~Go off topic.
~Be rude. We don't need the drama, so keep it to a minimum.
~Post Promotions without permission.

When introducing yourself, please use this form:

~ Basics ~
♪ Name:
♪ Age(optional):
♪ Location:
♪ How did you first find out about Visual kei?:

~ Deeper ~
♪ Any favorite VK bands?
♪ Any Favorite VK members? Why?
♪ Favorite Song(s)?
♪ What aspect of Visual Kei stands out to you most? Why were you attracted to it?

~ Even closer ~
♪ Favorite Clothing Brands?
♪ Favorite Make-up Brands?
♪ All time favorite accessory:
♪ Preferred Hair Products?
♪ Post two pictures of yourself (minimum). Are these outfits Visual Kei inspired?
♪ Lastly, is there anything else we should know?

*If you don't have pictures of yourself, feel free to skip that step.

There are going to be some contests, as mentioned before, with prizes! There will also be a 'theme' announced each month, although you don't necessarily have to post pictures related to that theme. It would be really cool to eventually have meet ups, in various parts of the country, but those details have to be worked out....anywhoo! More will be added as the community grows!

Looking forward to some awesome times! ( ^_^)/ン Bai-Bai