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Visual Culture.
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17th-Jan-2011 06:38 pm - Prize: BREAKERZ Original Goods Set

BREAKERZ Original Goods Set

This week we have a very special BREAKERZ set of original goods for you, all designed with their charming photo and logo.
This precious set includes a clear file, a ball pen and a "Shitagaki" - underlay-writing board♪

Apply here

prize of the week

-January Week 3 contests+-
Deadline: January 23th
Announcement date: The 4th week of February.
Lineup: BREAKERZ , Harajiku Kawaii , Harajiku Kawaii

1. BREAKERZ Original Goods Set
2. HIME-kei Set -White & Gold-
3. Harajuku set -Red-
If this is not allowed please delete.

I am selling some Visual Kei style and punk style clothes.
Jackets, Coats, sweaters, bags, shoes, skirts, pants and more.

Please take a look at my journal:

buy me, buy me, buy me
9th-Sep-2007 10:12 am - Finally Open! First actual post.
~ Basics ~
♪ Name: Nicole
♪ Age(optional): 17
♪ Location: Illinois
8th-Sep-2007 11:39 pm - TESTING
Just testing how this all looks so far...community will be up and running in a day or two. ^^
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