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Finally Open! First actual post.

~ Basics ~
♪ Name: Nicole
♪ Age(optional): 17
♪ Location: Illinois
♪ How did you first find out about Visual kei?: A friend was really into Dir en grey's music and I got drawn into that. While researching them I found out about VK and was further drawn into that scene.

~ Deeper ~
♪ Any favorite VK bands? Phantasmagoria, Panic Channel, Denno:oblaat, Charlotte, Dollis Marry, and
Antic cafe and Kannivalism {I would say Dir en grey because they are one of my all time favorite bands but it makes them angry to be called Visual.]
♪ Any Favorite VK members? Why? Um, I love them all but there are certain members from each that I think rock the fashion scene:
  1. Kannon (an cafe)
  2. Kisaki (phantasmagoria)
  3. kana (panic channel
  4. Kamijo
  5. All of Dollis Marry look really cool so I can't choose there.
  6. tons more.
♪ Favorite Song(s)? The Final, Merciless Cult, Irooni, Escapism, Pink Cherry, Tennessee Waltz [denno version], age., Hoshi no Yoru, etc
♪ What aspect of Visual Kei stands out to you most? Why were you attracted to it? The hair and makeup because I've always been in love with both. The costumes are always really cool too. I think I love it so much because I've always been attracted to things that stand out...I used to fancy myself an artist. heh.

~ Even closer ~
♪ Favorite Clothing/shoe Brands? Sex Pot Revenge, H.Naoto, Vivien Westwood, Lip Service, Aersenic Fashions, D-Decker
♪ Favorite Make-up Brands? Mac, Urban Decay, and another that I can't remember the name of. >,<
♪ All time favorite accessory: Spiralled Dragon ring [take up nearly my whole finger.]
♪ Preferred Hair Products? I just like things that are really sticky and really strong. I'm not too picky about brands.
♪ Post two pictures of yourself (minimum). Are these outfits Visual Kei inspired? Below and Yes.
♪ Lastly, is there anything else we should know? um, not as of yet...I'm sure I'll think of more later.

OLDEST TO NEWEST(sorry all taken with a camera phone...I'll have to borrow a digital some time.]
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